Neon Lilith Photography started as a surrealism art project in 2009 and has since evolved into a small business in 2016 focusing on creating unique images by incorporating various themes, pyrotechnics, and special effects.

The business currently offers a wide range of services which include photographing events, ranging from fundraisers and major conferences, to small weddings and birthday parties. With years of experience in portraiture, we create business profiles, maternity and newborn photos, family portraits, graduations, as well as engagements. We also offer taking on the artistic directive in order to photograph your products, or the special moments in your life in a unique and creative way.

Owned and operated by Justyna Czujko, the business had the pleasure of photographing products, food, and events, including Canadian International Model United Nations. Our clients range from Members of the Parliament and business owners to families in our community.


Katherine McKenney - City Councilor for Somerset Ward

Our past clients include Members of the Parliament, City Councilors, Savvy Company, Canadian International Model United Nations, and Faculty of Law at University of Ottawa.

Letters of reference can be found below:

Catherine McKenney - Ottawa City Councilor for Somerset Ward